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Why Working With Us?

Technology is changing the way we live, learn, communicate and work. It has also changed our perspective of what a “typical day might look like”. It is needed for almost all the things that we do in our daily lives.

Technology is critical for the growth of any business or non-profit.

It can help you cut costs, expand your reach and generate new revenue sources in a short span of time. Technology is important, and we are here to make it EASY for you.

We’re the best match for business owners and non-profits, because of four key reasons.

<span style="color: #e4284a;" data="#e4284a" class="qubely-text-has-color"><Mission></span>


We provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

We make technology easy for our customers
<span style="color: #e4284a;" data="#e4284a" class="qubely-text-has-color"><Solutions></span>


We create a solution for your environment with 100% customer satisfaction and ongoing support

We use the benefits of technology strategically.
<span style="color: #e4284a;" data="#e4284a" class="qubely-text-has-color"><Results></span>


We are driven by results, tell us about what you’re hoping to achieve, or what you need, and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge and expertise so you can get there. We’re passionate about what we do and would love to be a part of your next project!

We provide solutions that work for you.
<span style="color: #e4284a;" data="#e4284a" class="qubely-text-has-color"><Fulfilment></span>


We believe that success comes from customer fulfilment, because it is not simply about meeting expectations but exceeding them. We’d like to welcome you to be part of the ECITS family!

Because ultimately, it is not about success, but fulfilment.

With a pool of knowledge and expertise, these are our offerings.

Web design, development and hosting.

Web applications to increase productivity.

Email hosting

IT cloud computing

Mobile app development

Proactive maintenance and support

And with happy customers that are part of the ECITS family, this is our commitment.

It is our responsibility to be aligned with your project requirements, providing solutions with technology that meet your budget and timelines. We are ready to go beyond your expectations in the short and long run!

We know there are many options that can help you use the benefits of technology for your business or non-profit.

But we have made a difference in all our client’s projects. And we can surely make this happen for your project also.

We’d like to be a better and bigger start-up, WITH YOU.

Let’s Connect, and work together.