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Is word of mouth enough to keep my business running?

Although word of mouth (wom) has a significant impact on your business, and it may be the most beneficial marketing foundation for any business, there is a certain level of limitation that it can have specially when considering the negative word of mouth that may exist and the lack of customer relationship that any business needs when providing a product or service. Any word of mouth relies only on a happy customer giving positive word about your business, or an unhappy customer giving negative word about your business; is word of mouth enough for a business?

When a business relies only on word of mouth, it is limiting itself to thrive and grow, and if that is the way that a business owner chooses to do business, a word of mouth referrals program should at least be considered in order to make a business stand out from the surrounding market. But why should this be the one option to go for in running a business when we can consider the digital options that are available in our days? Not keeping your business running, is just not enough!

Every business should have a marketing strategy, and even right now as we can consider how marketing has been redefined in times of a global pandemic. Having a marketing strategy for your business is crucial and can be there, not just to comply with what other businesses do but, to set out in a well-defined document what is the business’s purpose, aims and what makes it different from the rest. This can surely make a difference in the long run, understanding that a marketing strategy plays a very important role in receiving a new customer. Ant this is a very important aspect of any business because a happy and satisfied customer leads to more loyal customers. And the success of a marketing strategy depends on the customer who serves as a loyal customer and refers a relationship to another. These satisfied customers lead to a highly profitable business, allowing your business to thrive and grow. We can thus say that word of mouth is not enough to keep your business running!

Why word of mouth isn’t enough to grow your business?

Going beyond a word of mouth point can increase your business which in turn may increase your customer loyalty, but adding a marketing strategy that makes use of digital solutions can help thrive your business potentially, specially as we consider the Internet. Digital solutions that a business can use to thrive in a market all rely on mention of the services and work that a business provides. We can mention for instance social media like Facebook, Google business, and having a website for your business. There are more digital solutions available like for instance having a software for customer relationship managemnt (CRM), influencer marketing, digital marketing, advertising, having a loyal customer program, etc.

Your business cannot only rely on word of mouth marketing alone but in adding digital solutions that have a strong impact on your business, because they increases the perception of the services and work that you provide. Incorporating technology to your business in a digital age such as ours, increases the chances of obtaining a new customer, which is an important aspect of any business or start-up because a happy customer leads to more loyal customers. 

Word of mouth marketing is just not enough to keep your business running, it can add some value when a word of mouth referrals program is added and can increase customer loyalty but this affected by perhaps the negative experience that an unhappy customer might have had with your business. Customer experience is an important aspect of the entire operation of any business and so the reason to create customer relationship with a business. Customers would understand and appreciate that they are not simply an effective platform for business and, the way you service them today, should be centric. Look at your list of happy customers, what testimonial they can share in your website, or how a potential customer could have a more personal touch with a live chat session on your website, or how can an existing happy customer may have that sense of relationship with the use of a CRM on your website also.

Keep your customers happy, this is gold. When customers continue to be happy with your product or service, your business will thrive. A word of mouth marketing can do this but with limitations, make use of digital solutions that are available and can increase your customer loyalty helping your business thrive potentially.

If you are planning to establish a stronger relationship with your prospective and existing customer, while also focusing on what makes them happy and making it as easy as possible for them to contact you, talk to us today about the range of digital solutions that can help your business thrive. Word of mouth is not enough to keep your business running, for we know not keeping your busines thriving is just not enough! Going beyond the word of mouth point will improve your customer experience and increase your customer loyalty. Word of mouth is not enough to keep your business running. If your business is trying to raise brand awarenes, talk to us today about how your marketing strategy may be working without having to determine what is the most effective or effective way to get a new customer.

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