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Tools and Resources

Here are the best software and products to grow your business!

Business Software

  • MAILCHIMP – It is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service.
  • VBOUT – Several marketing tools into one platform.
  • NOSYI – An intelligent communication services platform.
  • WORDPRESS – Free content management platform that allows you to host and build websites.

Social Media Tools

  • TRELLO – The best way to organize plans, projects and more.
  • ADSCOOK – Time-saving app which is used to create and run ad campaigns.
  • SOCIALNOWA – One of the best messenger chatbots to generate leads and support.

AI Content Creation tool

  • RYTR – AI writing assistant which helps you in creating high-quality content.
  • PEPPERTYPE – The largest content marketing platform for creators.
  • DALLE E.2 – It creates realistic images for using the power of AI.

Business management tools

  • WORDPRESS – Free content management platform allows you to host and build websites
  • Google Workspace – Get custom e-mail and space for your online business
  • ZOHO – The all in one tool for the business owners
  • WORDFENCE – Secures your WordPress business website from all threats.

Website Builders

  • DIVI – The best drag-and-drop theme for WordPress.
  • ELFSIGHTS – Social, review, widgets and more for your website.
  • SITEPRESSER – Easily create and package the themes. Works with both Elementor and Divi.

Design Assets

  • PEXELS – Our go-to for stock images and graphic assets.
  • PIXABY – Find all types of images and design assets.

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